What can you expect from targeted SEO campaigns by Potenture?

seo services expectations

When your business contracts a professional SEO company, what can you expect from them? Potenture gives the details to help align your expectations with our professional seo services. Read the rest of this article »

Better for SEO? HTML or PDF?

pdf for seo

PDFs are able to be indexed by search engines, but for better usability it is better to convert them to HTML website pages. Read the rest of this article »

SEO Tips For Beginners Part 2

more seo tips

This article contains even more SEO tips for beginners and small business owners. A continuation of our first post on SEO tips. Read the rest of this article »

The Biggest Mistakes Customers Make With SEO Companies

seo company mistakes

Many customers make quite a few mistakes when they decide to contract an SEO company. They all figure it out after it is too late. Hopefully this article helps out uneducated customers. Read the rest of this article »

Does your website need a content management system?

cms website design

Should you use a content management system for your website? Do you make frequent website updates? This article discusses what a content management system does and whether or not it would be suitable for your website. Read the rest of this article »

Should you use a Facebook page instead of a website?

facebook page or website?

Some businesses have gone the route of forgoing a business website in favor of a facebook business page. There is certainly nothing wrong with this logic as you can generate traffic to your Facebook page through many different ways. Read the rest of this article »

Are your competitors doing SEO and PPC?

competitors doing seo ppc

Your competitors are utilizing search engine optimization and pay per click marketing. Make sure your company does the same to stay ahead of your competition. Read the rest of this article »

Managing Your Company's Online Reputation

managing social media reputation

Every company must be aware of their online reputation. It must always be monitored and customers need to be listened to in order to succeed. Read the rest of this article »

The Seven Deadly Sins of Search Engine Optimization

seo sins

What are seven deadly sins of search engine optimization? They are the sins that will hurt your website and any SEO campaign that you are running. Avoid them and you will enjoy a return on your website. Read the rest of this article »

SEO For Mobile Websites

seo mobile websites

Mobile websites are the new trend of the future. With much more traffic being directed to mobile websites, SEO is as important as ever for mobile websites. Read the rest of this article »

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