Ways to Keep Your Website Design Fresh and Updated

fresh website design

Why should you keep your website design fresh? How do you do it? This article outlines the reasons and ways to keep your website design fresh and updated for your visitors and customers. Read the rest of this article »

Does flash negatively affect SEO?

flash and seo

Potenture clears up some of the common misconceptions about using flash on your SEO friendly website. Flash can certainly be used, but only in certain ways. This article relays that information. Read the rest of this article »

Are you driving website traffic.. just for the sake of driving traffic?

driving website traffic

Are you driving untargeted website traffic through various sources? All of this traffic is useless. Find out why. Read the rest of this article »

Adwords Pay Per Click Marketing Mistakes

adwords ppc marketing mistakes

Make sure to avoid these adwords pay per click marketing mistakes. If you do, you will see a nice return on your adwords investment. Read the rest of this article »

Quotes That Hurt Your Customer Relationships

hurting customer relationships

There are things that companies say which hurt customer relationships without even realizing it. You need to keep your relationships with your customers positive. Read the rest of this article »

Are you confusing users with PPC Ads?

confused ppc users

Don't confuse your users with your PPC ads and landing pages. They need to be consistent and direct the user on how to proceed. Read the rest of this article »

Are Visitors Really Spending 00:00:00 on Your Website?

zero time on site

What is Google Analytics really reporting? Are all those visitors really spending zero seconds on your website? Read the rest of this article »

Geographical Targeting in Your Pay Per Click Campaigns

geographical targeting in ppc management

Are you properly targeting your pay per click campaigns? Is your campaign targeting the entire United States when you should only be targeting one state? Read this article to find out how to optimize and manage your pay per click campaign properly. Read the rest of this article »

5 SEO Scams That Are Not Going Away

seo scam

The 5 SEO Scams to be on the lookout for. Make sure you stay educated in the world of SEO. Read the rest of this article »

A Different Look at the Importance of Search Engine Optimization

looking at seo

Did you happen to see your website pop up on Google for your target keyword? Neither did that customer you just lost. Read the rest of this article »

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