Thank You Google Penguin Update

google penguin seo update

The Google Penguin update affected millions of search results who engaged in spammy seo techniques. Read the rest of this article »

Keyword (Not Provided): Google Search Privacy & How it Affects SEO

keyword not provided small

Have you checked your Google Analytics account lately? Some of your traffic from Google may not be showing. Read the rest of this article »

Why Can't We Perform SEO on your Website?

cannot perform seo on your website

This article offers information on certain situations where search engine optimization cannot be performed properly on your website. We offer insights and solutions to these issues. Read the rest of this article »

The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media

social media marketing optimization

When leveraging social media for your business, make sure to use it properly. This article outlines the do's and don'ts of using social media for businesses. Read the rest of this article »

Our Improved Search Engine Ranking

improved seo ranking

We have significantly improved our search engine rank over time. This article gives a brief overview of our ranking. Read the rest of this article »

Companies Are Increasing Their SEO Spending

increased seo spending

We have noticed a trend in SEO Services spending - companies are starting to increase their SEO budgets. Read the rest of this article »

Choosing Between SEO and PPC

choosing between seo & ppc service

How do you know which search engine marketing technique to use? What are the differences? How will it affect your business? Read the rest of this article »

Burned by a Web Design or SEO Company? Where To Go From Here

scammed by seo company web design services

Learn how to recover from a bad experience with a dishonest and website design or SEO company, who "appeared" professional. You can recover from it. Learn how to do so and learn from your mistakes. Read the rest of this article »

What's so great about Social Media?

social media marketing optimization

Why Social Media? When did social media no longer become just a personal tool to stay in touch with our social contacts? Why should your business use this? Read the rest of this article »

Stop Cutting Corners – It Will Destroy Your Business!

cheap seo, web design labor

A widely spreading epidemic seems to be the concept of cheap website design, SEO and other types of labor. In the end, you will not only shell out more money, you will have wasted many hours. Read the rest of this article »

Common Meta Tag Errors in Search Engine Optimization

meta tag errors in seo

This article contains information about some common errors found in meta tags when doing SEO for your site. These errors are easily correctable once you are properly informed. Read the rest of this article »

Keyword Matching Options for SEO and PPC Campaigns

seo ppc keyword matching

There are different ways to match keywords for user searches. This article discusses each type of matching option. Read the rest of this article »

Commonly Overlooked Problems Detracting From Your SEO Campaign

common seo problems

There are many common seo problems that tend to be overlooked during an seo campaign. They are obvious and need to be paid attention to. Read the rest of this article »

Choosing a PPC Management Company

choosing ppc management company

If you are going to venture into the world of Google Adwords pay per click or Microsoft Adcenter, then you should have some sort of pay per click management resources in place so you make use of your ad spend. Read the rest of this article »

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