Biggest Mistakes for Your Adwords Pay Per Click Campaign

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ppc pay per click marketing mistakes

Google Adwords can exponentially increase sales and growth for your company. It can also be the downfall of your business as you continually invest advertising dollars into a campaign that does not give you a return. Adwords is an interesting system that Google has built and there is a method to their madness.

Click prices are increasing as competition increases so it is more important than ever to know how the system works and how to use it to your benefit. Here are some very costly mistakes that you must avoid when building out an Adwords campaign.

Long list of untargeted keywords

When building out an adwords ppc campaign, your first inclination might be to target as many keywords as possible so you can bring in as much business as possible. While this appears to make sense, it is the wrong way to target your campaign. You will need to develop a list of targeted keywords which apply to your campaign and stay away from long lists of broad, generic keywords. Broad and generic keywords will increase your cost per click (due to higher keyword competition), it will drive in untargeted website users and you will burn through your advertising budget very quickly.

Not using targeted landing pages

Quite often, people build campaigns and direct the user to their website homepage, or direct them to some vague page with just a list of services and products. You need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find the products and services they are looking for. No one wants to wade through pages and pages of junk to find what they are looking for. The goal is to have the user land on a relevant page so they know what to do and how to proceed in buying your product or receiving a consultation on your company's service.

Not using keywords within your ad text

The text within your ad must be short and descriptive and you must find a way to add your keywords somewhere within the title and description of the ad. The ad must also maintain clarity and relevance at the same time. It can be a difficult task, but it is a task that should be done with great care. The visitor must know exactly what they are getting into when they click on your ad.

Using vague ad text

Do not use vague ad text with no call to action. The ad needs to draw the attention of the user and give them a reason to click on your ad and get more information. Vague, generic ads will be glossed over and will leave visitors cold. This will leave you with no lead and definitely no sale.

Using a contact form on your landing page

Believe it or not, extensive research has shown that a contact form on your landing page can hurt your adwords campaign. As far as Google is concerned, if you are advertising something for free (like an e-book, consultation/estimate or report), then you should not require visitors to fill out their information in exchange. Google's robots do not know your true intentions and most of the time businesses are only trying to get visitors to fill out the contact form. Be wary when using a contact form and advertising something for free.