Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization for the Holiday Seasons

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building trust through web design

Most, if not all, small and large businesses are feeling the pinch in these rough economic times. Unfortunately, the last few years have been difficult on businesses and consumers alike. Consumer confidence and trust is dwindling and businesses are trying to weather the economic storm.

While business may not be booming right now, keeping your current clients around is more vital than it has ever been. Regardless of the industry, in order to continue to grow, organizations must continue to advertise and market themselves in a cost-effective manner...and the best way to do this is through a great website design.

The average consumer, as well as business, is bombarded with hundreds of websites - and thousand of advertisements - each day. Some websites are subtle, while others aren't so subtle. We barely notice what most websites offer, dismissing most websites as 'just another business looking to sell me something'. And while this view is true in most cases, it's important for a website to instill trust with online prospects as "users" first, before attempting to sell anything to them as "customers".

Strengthening Customer Loyalty

It is critical for a company to proactively communicate with its customers. Your company's website should offer several different ways to interact with your current and potential customers through content and website management. Depending on your industry, updates about rate changes or other information pertinent to your organization should be displayed and consistently updated on your website. These can be displayed through company-created articles or dynamically generated pages.

When your website's visitors are kept privy to any sorts of company changes, they feel empowered and connected and this builds trust, loyalty and security with your customers. By continuing to build trustworthy relationships with your current clients and customers, your organization can thrive in these difficult economic times, and be a leader in even better times.

Company Website Newsletters

Another opportunity to consistently interact with your customers is through website newsletters. Current customers will, at the very least, take a look at a newsletter which comes from a company with whom they've done business. Keep your customers up to date with any pertinent information they may find useful. Promotions related to your company's products and services are a great place to start feeding to your existing customers.

Newsletters also creates cross-selling opportunities for companies where they can provide promotions as well as promote their core services. For example, Potenture Technology Solutions provides many core technology consulting services, primarily website design and website development consulting services. Our organization may want to generate a newsletter offering and promoting our website hosting services for any customers whom we provided website design services.

Generate Business and Revenue

As it was said earlier, newsletters create cross-selling opportunities to existing customers to generate revenue. Depending on your industry, it is very advantageous to offer value-added services or products that compliment your core services or products. Your website is a great spot for keeping customers in the loop with all potential products and services.

First and foremost, your website is a valuable source of information for your prospects and customers that can be used in your marketing strategy in order to keep your business relevant and continue to generate revenue.