Why can't we perform SEO on your website?

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As a website owner, you want to perform search engine optimization on your website. Ideally, you want your website to be found in the top 10 results (first page) for your keywords and drive large amounts of website traffic. But sometimes there are certain issues with your website and SEO cannot be properly performed on your website, if at all.

External SEO (backlinking) can still be done, but that is only half the battle. Many times, SEO companies will take on an SEO project for a website which cannot be optimized properly and will focus specifically on the backlinking portion. Instead of focusing primarily on backlinking and external SEO, these websites should be redesigned or redeveloped so the proper on-page SEO can also be performed.

Here are some instances where proper on-page SEO cannot be performed and what solutions should be implemented in order to make SEO possible.

Your website is built entirely (or mostly) in flash

This was discussed in one of our previous articles - a website built solely in flash cannot be properly optimized for search engines. A linking strategy cannot properly be built because the search engines cannot read URLs built in flash and search engines cannot read content embedded in flash objects. If ranking your website is vital to your success, the solution is to rebuild your flash site into an HTML website.

Your website is built with a free/easy point and click website creator

A easy/free website creator sounds great at first. A popular easy website creator is GoDaddy's Website Tonight website creator. While it might be easy and fast to create a website using this software, it is very limited and will not allow you to optimize much of anything. Not to mention, the website design templates are not very attractive. The system doesn't allow you to optimize meta tags or internal code because the system does not give you any access to it. Without this access, proper SEO cannot be done on the website. The solution to this issue is to rebuild a custom, SEO friendly website.

Your website design is stuck in the 1990s

An aging website design is not necessarily difficult to optimize, but it will be very difficult to convert traffic into leads. This all comes down to grabbing the attention of the new visitor and establishing a bond of trust with them. SEO is simply not going to work too well on an outdated website design. The solution for this issue would be to do a complete overhaul of the website with SEO in mind before doing any optimization work.