How to Choose a Competent PPC Management Company

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If you are going to venture into the world of Google Adwords pay per click or Microsoft Adcenter, then you should have some sort of pay per click management in place. Pay per click can be very finicky and you can lose your entire ad spend before you can blink if you are not educated.

There are a lot of ppc management companies out there, so how do you go about doing it? You want to make sure you are hiring competent resources, not monkeys.

Below are some of the most important things to take into consideration.

Is the PPC management company going to setup the campaign and let it run?

Your campaign should never be setup and left alone, especially in the beginning stages. Data needs to be gathered about the campaign, specifically keywords, traffic and conversion rate. You will need to know which ads are working and which ads are not working. Non-performing keywords should be stripped out and high performing keywords should be focused on.

Is the company going to split test ads?

During a PPC campaign, at least 2 ads for each ad group should be tested to see which ad is achieving optimal results. Ads which are not generating traffic or conversions should be paused, tweaked or deleted altogether.

Is the company willing to educate you?

Pay per click management is a lot of work and a lot of information is associated with it. It is also a relatively new service and not many people outside of the online marketing world have become acclimated to it. Is the company going to keep you in the loop during the management of your campaign? There should be some level of transparency if the client is requesting it.

Will they be researching targeted keywords for you and targeted geographical locations?

This is the most important factor of a pay per click campaign. Make sure they are spending time on keyword research for your campaign. You do not want to be left with tons of useless traffic. The traffic needs to be relevant and targeted in order to drive conversions. If you are a local business, the company should research the proper locations in which to show your ads.

Is the company going to outline realistic expectations?

Based on your budget, ads, keywords, geographic location, etc expectations should be set before a campaign begins. If a ppc management company is saying you are going to get 100 calls a week and make 100,000 dollars in your first month and you are only going to be spending $100 for the month, you should be a little wary as these expectations simply don't add up. Not only that, it is very difficult to initially gauge expectations until data is gathered.

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