Commonly Overlooked Problems Detracting From Your SEO Campaign

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Oftentimes we try so hard and put so much time, effort and money into an SEO campaign because we have our eyes on the prize. That page 1 search engine ranking is so close we can taste it. But in the meantime, after poring over everything on your SEO checklist, you tend to gloss over some very common and obvious errors. We call these the "stupid mistakes" of search engine optimization. Mistakes as obvious as adding wrong in a complicated math problem.

Spelling Errors

Spelling errors will not necessarily put you out of favor with search engines, (although websites loaded with spelling errors have been known to have their search engine rankings affected) but will definitely affect your user's experience. When a website contains several spelling errors, it makes the company look unprofessional and gives off the impression that they simply do not care. Since this isn't the first grade, spelling errors are not acceptable. During an SEO campaign, you need to make sure that your user experience is taken heavily into consideration. Proofread your content to ensure that is free of spelling errors.

Broken Links

Broken links will hurt your user experience as well as your search engine rank. Links to different pages around the website help your visitors navigate your site and also help the search engine robots crawl your site. If your pages contain broken links, then your visitors cannot access the pages they are looking for and the search engine robots cannot find certain pages in order to index them. If broken links are consistently found within your website, your SEO rank will ultimately be affected and your visitors will leave your website.

Website Loading Time

Another important (and obvious) factor overlooked is the speed in which your page loads. Your website visitors do not want to wait 60 seconds for every page on a website to load. It is frustrating and inefficient. Google has also factored this into their SEO algorithm in order to assist with enhancing the user experience. Since a fast loading website will enhance the user experience, overall it will do the following to help you: boost your website conversion rate and boost your SEO rankings.

Missing Images

Missing images drive everyone crazy. Nobody wants to see that big annoying red X where an image is supposed to be. This will most certainly affect your visitor's website experience and hurt your search engine rankings. Go through your website to make sure there are no missing images.

Code Errors

General coding errors can affect many different aspects of the website causing your website's search engine rankings and user experience to be affected. Along with the factors listed above, coding errors can also cause cross browser compatibility issues and other design problems. Effective website testing should be employed for every company to prevent user experience issues as well as any issues affecting search engine optimization campaigns.

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