Are your competitors doing SEO and PPC?

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competition is doing seo & pay per click marketing

It is very difficult to succeed in small business, especially when it comes to online marketing, SEO and PPC. Your top competitors might have an SEO team in-house or they have contracted a professional SEO or PPC company to do the work. Like it or not, the bottom line is that your successful competitors are using SEO and PPC tactics to leverage more customers. Is your company joining them?

Whether or not you think that SEO or PPC applies to your company, chances are that it does. And the amount of potential exposure you are missing out on is large. Your competitors have probably been employing SEO tactics for several years and have been enjoying a great deal of success on top of the search engine rankings. Most of the time, it is not difficult to tell when a competing company is employing professional SEO and PPC because their website is professionally designed and the proper SEO techniques are in place. Your company needs to employ some SEO tactics to build a solid foundation and then take it further.

Even if your company website has not employed any type of SEO or PPC tactics before, that does not mean that your company cannot compete. Building your online reputation should be a priority because not only does it increase your exposure and drive more website traffic, but it builds a higher level of trust with potential clients. There are several options to go with when building out your online reputation - hiring a reputable, professional SEO company to help you with your SEO, PPC and online marketing or your company can build an in-house search engine optimization team. This will give you the SEO and PPC expertise that you need to gain a leg up on your competitors.

In addition to contracting the expertise of a professional SEO or PPC company, make sure to have calls to action added to your website in order to guide the user along. Add items which make your company unique like pricing, awards, high quality service, speedy delivery and positive feedback/testimonials from customers. The ultimate goal is to utilize online marketing techniques such as search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns to take the business away from competing companies and gather a large return on your investment.