A Different Look at the Importance of Search Engine Optimization

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looking at SEO differently

Did you happen to see your website pop up on Google for your target keyword? Neither did we and neither did that customer you just lost.

Millions of people use search engines to locate products and services they need every day. Each time someone types in a search query containing a keyword relevant to a business's website, immediately an opportunity is created to potentially sell a product or service to that person. But if someone types in a search query relevant to your website and your website doesn't appear in search results, you've missed a chance to compete for their attention.

Now to be clear, even if your website appears in search results for your target keywords, there's no guarantee whether a person is going to visit your website versus your competitor's...but if your website does NOT appear you can definitely guarantee they will NOT visit.

Small businesses are losing potential customers every day due to the nature of our ever changing technological culture. We are a fast-paced society, moving at the speed of 4G. The internet is allowing us to do things faster than ever before and search engines are on par with that speed, allowing us to find the things we need even faster.

When perusing through search engine results, you most likely never read past the first 2 pages. Why? Because we simply don't have the time to scroll through pages and pages of entries. While it isn't always the case, we assume the "best" results are found within the top 10-15 results because those results appear "first". We trust the search engine results we see are the most relevant to what we're looking for and the most important compared to any other websites.

By now, you're probably aware of the large elephant in the room. You may not have the time or money to invest in a professional search engine optimization, and that's fine. The recession has forced many to scale back in a number of ways. But consider the many ways you currently market your business. The phonebook? Direct mail? Word of mouth? Brick and Mortar Advertising?

Next, determine how many leads and/or sales you generate from each marketing strategy, and ask yourself "are my strategies cost-effective?" Some marketing companies may charge you several hundred dollars per month just to listed your business in a few directories (online or offline), but if your investment generates enough sales to cover your marketing costs your marketing strategy works. So it's VERY important to take a real financial assessment of your marketing plan.

Seriously think about the marketing dollars you currently spend and the results you currently generate, and then consider getting quotes for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services, knowing that much of the world now uses search engines to find products and services the need.

How much is it worth to you to invest in any professional SEO company for your online marketing needs?

Regardless of your choice, you should do whatever's best for your business.