Duplicate Content and How It Affects SEO

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Having duplicate content on your website is not something that is going to help your search engine rankings. Many web masters make attempts to create several hundred web pages of the same content in a feeble attempt to trick Google and the other search engines into getting a better ranking. Google's algorithms are highly advanced (more advanced than we can possibly think of) and will sniff out duplicate content in a heartbeat.

Duplicate content refers to "substantive blocks of content" that match or are similar to "content within or across domains", according to Google webmaster central tools. Google is essentially saying that having duplicate content will have a negative effect on your website SEO aspirations.

There are a few reasons why the search engines guard highly against duplicated content, mainly the aforementioned attempts to trick the search engines into higher rankings, as well as trying to prevent competitors duplicating each other's content. The search engines want to show the most relevant content to their users and users do not want to view duplicate content.

Mirrored Sites

If you have a mirrored site, meaning two separate websites with the exact same content and structure, then the search engines may only index one of the websites or they may ignore both sites. Or even worse, they will penalize both sites by removing them from search engine results.

If you happen to have a mirrored site, just use a domain-level redirect from one domain to the other. Also, you want to use a 301 redirect for any web pages which are still linked to each other within the redirected domain.

Removing duplicate content

Removing duplicate content is simply fixed by rewriting content in a more unique and original way. Since content is a huge factor when it comes to SEO, this will begin to show results if your rankings were lagging behind.

Duplicate content is a common problem and it can be fixed relatively easy. SEO is all about unique, original and relevant content because that is exactly what the search engines want to show its users.

If you need to have duplicate content on your website, then there is a method you can use to alleviate a potential search engine penalty. You can use a canonical tag in the header of your duplicate web pages in order to prevent the search engines from indexing that particular web page. In this instance, you can prevent any possible SEO penalties and you can keep the pages on your website at the same time.

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