Elements of a Successful SEO Project

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When an SEO project is being executed, whether it is happening internally (in-house) or there is a client/vendor relationship with an SEO company, there are key elements that must be followed regardless.

The business must know what their goals are for their website

Many times a business simply does not know what their primary objectives are when it comes to marketing an online presence. Ok, they want to increase company sales, we get that. Don't we all? But the strategy can't be all over the place and hope for the best. It needs target qualified traffic and needs to put your company website within the eyes of the right people. The business must also know the types of people (demographics) they are targeting.

Everyone must be on the same page

If a professional SEO company is being contracted to do the SEO work, then they must become intimate with their client's business. The client must share details about their industry, how they do business and even sometimes they must disclose profit margins on products and services. By disclosing profit margins on products and/or services, it will help them to determine how much volume they can target on a month to month basis and they can ensure that they are receiving a high return on their investment.

Sharing industry details with your professional SEO company or SEO department will go a long way in helping to develop the necessary keywords for the campaign. The SEO campaign needs to be targeting the correct keywords so the right users will land on the website. If industry and business details become misconstrued, the business will go one way and the SEO campaign will go another and time and money will be lost in the end. If both parties are fostering cooperation, the SEO campaign will begin to bear fruit in no time.

The client/company must be clear on projected time frames

SEO can take a long time to show significant results. Sometimes it doesn't take long at all. But when the expectations are set in the beginning, an SEO project will move much more efficiently. If expectations become misaligned with the project, project delays and problems are inevitable. Most of the time clients/companies do not understand the amount of time that needs to go into a project like this. They also do not understand the fact that results are never guaranteed because the search engines control the results. Expectations can be met much easier if the client or company is in full understanding of what needs to go into the SEO project.