Google Announces the Engage Program for PPC Agencies

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google engage for professional ppc seo web design company

At the beginning of 2011, Google announced the Engage program. The engage program was designed by Google in order to help web designers/companies, SEO companies, PPC companies and other entrepreneurs become proficient with Adwords.

The engage program offers many different resources such as free coupon vouchers, webinars/videos, documents, tutorials and support from Google representatives for Adwords. Anyone who is involved in the world of digital marketing should apply for the program. It will definitely help if you are accepted.

Potenture has been accepted into the engage program because we are a proficient and professional SEO and PPC company. We have been utilizing the resources, free coupons and support that the program has offered and it has been very useful to us and our clients. The video below gives a brief summary of the engage program.