Ways To Improve Website Conversions

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improve website conversions

Any business who has a website knows the key to success is to make optimal sales from their website. A website is an investment; both time and money was put into it at some point. And if your website is just sitting there doing nothing and not helping your business at all, then it is simply taking up space and your investment is operating at a loss.

The first obvious goal is to drive traffic to your website. There are several ways to do this, most notably through search engine optimization or pay per click marketing. The best way to drive traffic via search engines would be to use a reputable and professional SEO and PPC company.

Once your site receives traffic, the process does not end there. Quite often, many businesses make the fatal mistake of thinking that just because people are logging onto their page, it automatically means they will convert into potential sales. This is not the case at all. Your website or landing page MUST grab the user's attention and convert the user into a prospect, or sometimes even a sale (ecommerce online store for example).

Here are a few ways to improve website conversions.

Calls to action

This is a term/phrase that gets thrown around and most of the people who use it do not know what it means. A call to action is something that prompts the website user to do something and properly directs them on how to do it. For example, an ecommerce online store should have a "buy now" button, or something similar. This is direct and clear and gives the user an option to buy the item now.

As an SEO, PPC and website design company, we like to offer consultations, free estimates and website analysis depending on which service a prospective customer might be interested in. Our website offers options for the user to place a call, fill out a contact form or request more information via email. All of our pages have clear information to request a consultation or more information. A user must be given a clear path to contact the company. Loads of block text with no call to action leaves a potential buyer cold and not knowing what to do next. And this leaves you with no prospect and no sale.

Discounts, promotions and prices

Depending on the type of business you have, it is always beneficial to include some type of discount or price where applicable. With a service type of business, it makes it a little more challenging to offer up pricing because many times service quotes are custom and will vary from time to time. But discounts and promotions/giveaways will always result in a higher conversion rate. Give the user a reason to call you or email you. Increasing your phone call and email frequency will increase your chances of making a sale.

Any type of ecommerce website must include pricing of their products. Most often, when looking at tangible products, users like to know how much something costs beforehand. It helps them to make an informed decision on whether or not to buy. Include prices of your products and you will see an increase in conversions.

Pictures of Products

This type of technique really only applies to ecommerce online store websites. Any type of online store, clothing for example, must include pictures of the products. It is imperative that users are able to see what they are buying. All the traffic and SEO and PPC in the world cant help you if you are driving users to a product page with no pictures. No sane person is going to walk into a jewelry store or a clothing store and buy a product they are forbidden to see. The same concept applies here.