Mistakes Customers Make With SEO Companies

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mistakes customers make with an seo company

So what are some of the biggest mistakes that customers and small businesses make when they contract SEO companies?

Assuming the SEO company knows what they are talking about

This is the absolute worst mistake you can make as a customer. Yes, believe it or not, it is true. The unfortunate reality of the situation is that small businesses, a lot of the time, do not have the time or the knowledge of SEO techniques in order to make a fully informed decision. This is what makes this mistake all the more crucial. In all honesty, this is the kiss of death because many SEO companies are selling hopes and dreams and making guarantees they cannot possibly fulfill or predict. It sounds great in the mind of a prospective client and their first reaction is, "why didn't we think of this before"?

At Potenture, we implore you to do your research and work with a professional SEO company who is professional and honest and can show proven results. Time and time again we receive phone calls from prospective clients asking for help after a previous SEO company promised them the world and they barely received a small town. The truth of the matter is that snake oil salesmen do exist (especially in the world of SEO and online marketing) and they are looking to rip off uninformed, prospective clients. Do your research so it does not happen to you.

Expecting to see results yesterday

Another big mistake small businesses make when deciding to contract an SEO company is thinking that these results happen instantaneously. This is simply not the case. There is a reason why the search engines called the results "organic" or "natural" results. SEO is a process that is supposed to be applied to your website in order to grow it naturally. Natural growth of anything does not happen overnight or in a week or in two weeks. In fact, it takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks for search engines like Google to even fully index a website and update their own databases, so any SEO company who promises rankings within 2 weeks should be eliminated immediately because it is virtually impossible to attain.

Believing that an SEO company can magically increase client phone call frequency

Why does any business contract a professional SEO company? They want to increase their leads and sales. Can an SEO company do this? Absolutely. We know, we have done it many times. When an SEO campaign is executed properly, a company's business website will pop up first in front of their prospective customers. But many times, SEO companies will make outrageous promises and guarantees on aspects they have no control over, like guaranteeing a certain amount of leads or phone calls per week/month/year. It is impossible for anyone to predict that, yet so many unsuspecting businesses believe that it is that simple.

As a small business, it is very tempting to believe in these false and outrageous claims. In fact, it can almost be impossible to resist as every business is looking to increase their phone call frequency and lead generation. SEO can be (and is) very powerful in your marketing efforts. We fully believe in it over at Potenture. But nothing is foolproof or fail-safe and small businesses must be wary of any SEO companies who make outrageous and baseless claims without knowing anything about you or your business.