The Importance of Optimizing Your Website Content for SEO

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optimizing content for professional seo relevancy

Professional search engine optimization is done for the purpose of being able to be found on search engines around the world. Accomplishing this feat is done by means of including several things on your website - some visible and some invisible. Not only the content of your site but how often and when you update your site is important for placement. The content not only needs to be updated frequently, but it should also be unique and interesting to the user, as well as relevant to the chosen keywords you wish to search engine optimize for.

Website content includes links to all pages and links to and from videos on your site. It also includes links back to your site from companion sites - your own or someone else's. This sounds like a no brainer. But, there are hundreds of thousands of websites that are never found by spiders and are never found on any standard search engine. Link every picture to an article where both are linked to your site page. This type of linking is called a three-way link and helps to boost the sites page ranking.

The next important step in optimizing website information for SEO is to write keyword rich and professional content. This means you must write about the information that you are actually interested in presenting on your site. If you have a plumbing company, for example, write about pipes, plumbing, plumbers, and toilets, water closets, whatever you sell and know about. If you have a professional SEO company or pay per click company, then your blog posts and articles should contain relevant information about search engine optimization and ppc management. If you are not a good article writer, hire a team of professional seo writers to provide the content for you. Good website content is essential to keeping people on your site as well as keeping search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization also includes adding peripheral information and social media links. Social media sites that reflect your business, customer concerns, feedback from your customers and new products that you want to advertise are essential to page ranking. These sites can provide back links to you site when they "share" an article that you have posted on site and referred to on the wall page. Blogs are another huge source of optimizing your site. Add videos and link them to your site, Facebook and Blog sites.

Optimizing websites for search engines requires updating often. Each search engine, like Google for example, uses spiders to scan the worldwide web on a predetermined schedule. This schedule is changed at least every two weeks (on average) for the major sites. Google sweeps the web for new content every 45 minutes or so (on average). Bing and Yahoo send out spiders approximately every hour to two hours. This means that the sites that have just updated their content with several pages of articles, postings on Face Book, Tweets and Blog posts are more likely to rise in rank and garner the coveted spots on the first page of Google and other search engines.