Potenture Introduces New Website

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Jan 13, 2011 - Potenture (also operating under the name Potenture Technology Solutions) has released their new website to conform to their shift in focus. Potenture has recently switched focus to search engine marketing (search engine optimization and pay per click campaign management) and social media marketing/optimization. The new website was officially released on January 10, 2011 and marks a fresh start to the new year. The new company logo is still currently in the works.

Company founder John Ferrughelli sheds some light on the website release, "I began the company in 2009 as a website design and development/consulting company. But as it continued on, I recognized an increasing demand for online marketing services via search engines and social media. That is where the future of small business is headed and we must follow the trends if we want to succeed." When asked if the company will still focus on website design, Ferrughelli responded without hesitation, "Absolutely. An effectively designed website is the backbone of any online marketing strategy. Without a good website, it doesn't matter how good your SEO or social media presence is".

Ferrughelli was also quick to dispel any negative rumors that have been swirling regarding these types of techniques, such as organic search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns such as google adwords. "What I find to be the issue these days is two things. One, people try to run these campaigns themselves without the proper knowledge (not to mention the amount of allocated time) required to be successful. When they are unsuccessful, they convince themselves that it doesn't work and it is a waste of time and money. The second issue is people simply don't understand the process; which is completely understandable from my point of view. There are so many factors which go into a successful campaign that small business owners cannot possibly keep up with it. Our goal as a company is to educate and eliminate the pitfalls that come with projects like this".

Potenture has already signed on three new clients with different SEO and PPC marketing packages in 2011 and is looking to expand further within the next 6 months.

About Potenture

Potenture (also known as Potenture Technology Solutions) is a professional website design and SEO company, headquartered in Roseland, New Jersey. We provide SEO (search engine optimization), pay per click marketing management (PPC), website design and social media marketing for businesses nationwide. With proven success in a short period of time, we operate less like a vendor and more like your partner.