Potenture Unveils Its New Look Logo

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April 28, 2011 - After months of it being "in the works", Potenture has finally unveiled its new logo and tagline.

"We know that there are many website design companies and designers out there that do not have the resources or knowledge to execute an SEO or PPC campaign properly", said John Ferrughelli, president and founder of Potenture. "We want to help bridge that gap and I know we can because we have achieved results in all three of these phases: website design, SEO and pay per click".

The company's new tagline, "Realize your business potential and future" articulates what Potenture wants to do for small businesses across the country and the services that Potenture provides. Being that the word Potenture is a combination of the words potential and future, the company feels like it fits perfectly. The tagline is meant to make small businesses rethink their own strategies and get away from doing the same old routine.

"The old tagline, "making integral differences in your business", was the original one I came up with on the fly just sitting in my apartment one day," said John Ferrughelli, founder and president of Potenture. "It sounded great back then, but now I look back on it and I feel like it was primitive and vague. The new tagline brings to light the meaning of the word Potenture and the message I want to convey to the companies that we want to do business with. We don't want small businesses to stay stagnant and fight just to keep their heads above water. We want them to see the light at the end of the tunnel and thrive."

About Potenture

Potenture is a professional website design and search engine marketing company, headquartered in Roseland, New Jersey. We provide many online and search engine marketing services to small and medium sized businesses. We provide SEO (search engine optimization), search engine marketing, pay per click management (ppc), web design and social media marketing for small businesses.