Google Adwords PPC increased our own business over 500%

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ppc pay per click increased our business

We have gone on and on about Google Adwords and other pay per click marketing systems built by the other big search engine firms (Microsoft adcenter and yahoo ppc). If done correctly, it could spell huge gains and growth for your business.

Since getting a PPC campaign up and running doesn't take a lot of time, we were able to get an experimental adwords account up and running in less than a day. Within the first hour of our campaign being live, we received three new leads (2 phone calls, 1 email). Whereas the hour before that we had received nothing. We wound up closing a sale on 2 of those 3 leads. We then paused our PPC campaign for the next hour. The phones stayed quiet.

The main point we are trying to illustrate is the power of pay per click marketing. By utilizing our PPC campaign, we were in the right place at the right time when users typed in relevant keywords. If our website does not show up for those keywords, we never land those deals.

Ultimately, the initial investment can be a little scary at first and it could wind up costing your company a lot of money, especially given the competition and most businesses also need PPC campaign management. But the potential exposure your company can receive from PPC campaigns (as well as search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns) is so large that you can't afford to not at least experiment with it.