Landing page for my Pay per click marketing campaign? What is that?

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You may have heard the term landing page through discussions with your colleagues, friends or maybe you spoke to a professional seo company or PPC company and they used the term. Nevertheless, landing pages are very important and are key sales tools on your website.

They can be vital in driving conversions and increasing the effectiveness of your pay per click marketing campaign.

So what is the landing page?

The landing page, is a single web page which is attached to your main website and it appears in response to clicking on an advertisement. Landing pages are commonly linked from Pay Per Click ads like Google Adwords and social media sites like facebook or twitter. A company wants to direct a website user to a specific product or service landing page via an advertisement about that specific product or service and deliver key information to engage the customer.

Why is the landing page so important?

This is the first thing the user sees when he or she clicks on your link. You want to grab their attention quickly and effectively. We as website users have the attention span of a 2 year old when it comes to this so if we are not engaged within the first 3 seconds, we are going to leave, plain and simple.

Often, a big problem with landing pages is that they sometimes confuse people. You must remember as a business to think like a customer. Businesses know the ins and outs of their products and services. Customers know little about them. You need to present your information in a clear and concise manner so a potential customer knows what they looking for and give them a call to action so customers know what to do next.

What should the landing page consist of?

Your landing page should consist of several key points, most notably relevancy towards your keywords. If you want people to land on your page via a keyword like "professional SEO company", then your landing page better contain relevance towards that keyword. This helps increase your relevancy in Google ads and it also helps direct a user to where they should be. If a user lands on a page that is irrelevant to what they clicked on, it will confuse them and they will leave immediately. You need to avoid confusing your users at all costs.

Testing a landing page

Businesses want to keep track of all traffic, leads and conversions that come in through the landing page and determine the effectiveness of the page. If the landing page is generating high traffic but low conversions, that means the page is not effective enough or it is confusing to your users. This is a case where you would want to put yourself in a potential customer's shoes or test the page on people who do not know about your business. This will generate key feedback and help to determine any landing page issues.