What are some good reasons to start a company blog?

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The whole web 2.0 wave is here and blogs are right in the middle of it. Blogs are no longer just used on a personal level. Businesses are using them to connect with their customers on a more social level and it helps keep readers engaged within their business and company. If you generate content which is engaging and relevant enough, you can be looked at as a leader within your field. Leaders in their field are sought after constantly and that is always the goal of businesses. So what are some good reasons to start a blog for your company?

To establish yourself as an expert in your field

As a business owner, you need to be an expert in your field. What better way to show your business expertise than through blog posts? Write about things going on in your industry and give potential customers some information on your services and your industry. Customers will never want to do business with somebody whom they don't feel has the right knowledge. And with so many scams and "self-proclaimed experts" out there, you can show your actual expertise with your writing.

Humanize your business

Believe it or not, people wish to have a more personal, established connection with businesses and quite often larger companies do not provide that. Most often times, companies that deal nationally or internationally get so big that they lose the personal touch with their clients and customers and the human element is lost. A blog of some form can change this. If customers see an important figure within the company publishing information relevant to their interests, it makes customers feel less like they are just being taken for their money. Put a face on your business and it gives customers a chance to like you. People are way more likely to do business with someone they like, rather than a monolith.

To provide relevant information to visitors

You can blog about related information to your products and services. Perhaps you can tell an interesting story about yourself if you want to relate on a deeper personal level with your readers. But always make sure that the blogs and articles provide relevant information that users will want to read. This will keep them coming back for more as well as pique their interest about you and your company.

To help with the SEO process

Search engines like to provide fresh and relevant content to its users. Users want to see fresh and relevant content. So naturally, putting together consistent blog posts will make the search engines crawl your site faster and give it more authority. This helps your SEO campaign. Relevance is the key and the more relevant your site is to your intended audience, the better chance you have of ranking high in the search engines.