SEO Tips for Beginners Part 2

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some more seo tips for your website

Here are some more SEO tips (a continuation from our first article on SEO tips)

Register your domain name for several years

Search engines, especially Google, do not like "fly by night" websites. These types of websites are regarded as spam and search engines and users hate spam. By registering your domain name for several years (10 is an ideal number), your site will be looked at with more credibility. The search engines will realize that your website will be around for the long haul and will not be defunct in 6 months. If you cannot register your domain name for 10 years, it would be wise to register it for as long as you possibly can.

Build links to your website from other websites (Backlinking)

Of course, backlinking is an important part of the SEO process. By spending a little bit of time backlinking, you develop importance to your website and increase your website's pagerank gradually. Submitting to credible and relevant website directories, exchanging links with relevant websites, etc are good places to start with developing inbound website links. Links to your website are vital to increasing your search engine rank as the search engines like to rank sites that are important. If your site has many relevant backlinks, it will appear to the search engines as an important site because many other sites are linking to it.

Develop a page that relates to each one of your targeted keywords

By dedicating a page to one or two of your important targeted keywords, you can focus on developing keyword rich content without straying from the topic at hand. This will also allow you to use descriptive page names (you can insert keywords within page names where applicable) and optimize meta tags, headers and title tags appropriately. This is especially important if you happen to be targeting a very competitive keyword.

Create white papers, articles or blogs which focus on your keyword phrases

There are many reasons why whitepapers, blogs and research articles about are a good idea for optimum search engine rankings. They will add more pages with keyword rich content to your website and will make your website more relevant for your targeted keywords. This can also also be beneficial if you submit your research articles and white papers to online article websites. Online article sites are always looking for new, original research and content and they are looking to publish useful articles. As a professional SEO company, we are always publishing fresh content on our site and we always submit our articles to article websites. When your articles are published, this will also result in natural backlinks that the search engines love.