Stop Cutting Corners - It Will Destroy Your Business

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stop cutting corners

A widely spreading epidemic seems to be the concept of cheap labor. In this economy, we're all looking for a deal, I get it. But are you going to risk a cheap deal at the expense of your business? Apparently, because so many business owners are willing to do this just to save a few bucks that are not really going to be saved because in the end, the cheap route winds up costing you more time and money. If you're still having some doubt, read on.

Would you let an amateur or a student operate on your heart? Would you let an amateur or a student fix your car? Would you let an amateur or a student repair your roof? Or fix your toilet? Or fix your gutters? Or cook your food in an upscale restaurant? So why is it so commonplace to hire amateur cheap labor students to do your website design and development work? You are probably now saying to yourself "Oh, that's different". Actually, it's not. I think the disconnect lies with the fact that many businesses do not understand the value of an effective company website and effective website marketing. We obviously understand the value of an expert surgeon or an expert car mechanic.

Believe it or not, your website is the face of your business. How many times have you went to a website and said something along the lines of "Ugh, this is the worst looking website I've ever seen or Ugh, I can't find anything on this website, there is too much going on, or Ugh, this website (expletive, expletive)". What happens next? You leave the site. Well, guess who designed those sites that you all hate so much? That's right, cheap labor amateurs and students. And if you think that it is not going to happen to you, think again.