Are You Properly Tracking Your Website Traffic?

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tracking website traffic for seo ppc campaigns

If your company is hoping to garner results running any type of SEO (search engine optimization), or PPC (pay per click) or other type of online marketing campaign, then the answer should be yes. By tracking your website traffic and generating effective reports, you can determine how successful or unsuccessful any type of SEO or PPC campaign is. And by determining its success, this will be a helpful factor in continuing your successful campaign or making the necessary adjustments.

The only surefire way to determine an SEO campaign's success is to simply track the traffic. This is done by using Google Analytics, or some other type of tracking code which needs to be installed and properly setup on your website.

If your company website is running an SEO or PPC campaign, the tracking analytics will most likely be able to determine what keywords your website is being found for. If there is a particular set of keywords which is driving a lot traffic or driving a lot of conversions, you will want to continue to focus your SEO and PPC campaigns on those. Without analytics, there would be no easy way to tell which keywords are driving traffic to your website.

Tracking analytics can also help to determine which pages on your company website are being accessed most frequently and approximately how long users are spending browsing your site. Once that has been determined, you can figure out which pages that users are gravitating to and focus on generating conversions from those pages. It is also very important to determine how long users are browsing your site. Analytics will let you know if people are bouncing off your website and not browsing much. This helps to prevent bottlenecks within the online sales process and ensures that each page on the website has quality content.

Website traffic, not actual search engine rank, is the deciding factor in the success of any SEO or PPC campaign. A professional SEO company should be tracking all traffic coming into the website in order to determine the campaign's success. Google Analytics provides different types of reporting which allows for easy viewing of results. Google Analytics is highly recommended for use in conjunction with an SEO or PPC campaign.