How Video SEO is Becoming a Valuable Tool For Companies

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importance of video seo for companies

It's not much of a leap to understand that websites with videos need video SEO content. If you have a business with a website, you really do need as much variety in content as possible in order to improve your placement on search engines, or risk being behind the times.

Entering effective video SEO tags is essential to your placement on search engines. When a search engine spider scans your site, it looks for all important data and links and determines the relevancy of your video. If proper video SEO has been performed, you will be the recipient of higher search engine rankings.

The first part of search engine optimization of video streams mandates that your video is uploaded directly to your personal/business website. Make sure the URL is correct and there are no loading or streaming errors caused by the video. If you are not able to get the video to load when it is embedded in your website, check to make sure everything is working on the video side.

The video will need a date, an article associated number that goes with the video, and a JPEG image. The "location" of your video is your website's http:// your site with the page identifier. This http:// is your link from the video to your website. And, all pages of your site should be linked to the page where your video is located.

Additionally, the video will need a "static" image or a clip from the video that will attract people searching for information and what is called "associated text" which is another form of SEO/Search Engine Optimization. The associated text is what is what the search engine spiders seek out followed by the content on the website. This is another important element that search engines use to determine relevancy of videos and pages.

Associated text is written in HTML or XHTML in the form of a descriptive tag - aka Meta Tag. It is vital that the description is brief - 60 to 70 characters at most and that it accurately describes the image and video you have described. If it does not it is called "spam". Spamming is a search engine is a no-no, regardless of the type of search engine optimization that you are performing.

Depending on the language that your video is written in, some videos require translation [or conversion] from PSD to HTML. If you are unfamiliar with either or both languages, your best bet is to seek out professional video seo services. Check out the references and ask for sites that they have worked for within the last 14 - 30 days. Don't forget to ask for links to those sites or videos. Contact the site owner and confirm that this company did do the work you are viewing. This is a business investment. Use it wisely and make sure that your video seo services are going to give you a good return on your investment.