Surefire Ways to Alienate your Customers

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alienated customers

Customers are the lifeblood of your business and without them you have no company. The last thing you want or need to do is alienate your customers, especially during a time when customers are very difficult to come by. Here are some surefire ways to alienate your customers.

Be Unavailable

Nothing burns up a customer more than unavailability. Think about the last time you sat on hold with an automated phone menu. Frustrating, isn't it? When a customer needs some kind of support, has a question, or needs more work done, a company needs to be available to meet the demands of their customers. The more unavailable you become, the more inclined a customer will be to take their business elsewhere. By being available and creating value within your customer's business, you are becoming the "go-to guy" and it will continue to generate business.

Sell them unnecessary stuff

Your customers trust you and they expect you to know what is best for them, depending on what industry your company is in. Customers never want to be oversold stuff they don't need, especially during a recession. If you go ahead and sell them unnecessary products or services, you can bet the customer will find out eventually. Once the client/vendor relationship and trust is broken, it is hardly repaired (if at all) and the customer is most likely spreading negative comments about the untrustworthy company which sold them unnecessary products or services.


There have been countless instances where new business has come our way because of other incompetent and untrustworthy SEO and website design companies. During our initial meetings with these prospective clients, we gather information about what the previous company did and how the projects were handled. And more often than not, much of the information that was given to the client from the previous company was either incorrect, misleading or both. Most of the time, clients figure it out eventually that they are being misled, but it isn't until they speak with another expert and they find out just how much they were misled, that they really sound off about the previous company.

Be rude

This one should be self explanatory. Nobody wants to deal with rude people. If you insist on being rude with customers, you will not be in favor with anyone and it will only result in negative feedback about your company. You can bet it is being discussed among peers and other business partners.

Lose important customer information

Make sure not to lose any important customer information. This could be credit card numbers, addresses, names, etc. Losing customer information has a two pronged effect. One, by losing important customer information, it makes your company look incompetent and inefficient which makes you lose credibility with your customers. And secondly, if information such as credit numbers is lost, your company could be facing a massive lawsuit in addition to all the negative publicity which could result from it. Take extra care of your customer information so as to minimize and prevent huge potential issues.