Are you driving website traffic.. just for the sake of driving traffic?

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website traffic

We all want to increase traffic for the same reasons. The higher the amount of website traffic, the more sales and money we will make, right? Not necessarily.

I recently was on a conference call with a prospect that was in the market for search engine optimization and he proceeded to explain to me that he created a job posting on several popular job websites and included a link back to his company's website simply to increase traffic to the company website. Huh?

I know we all like people to visit our website and we love to take a look at our website analytics and see 100 new visitors every hour. This is a great feeling of accomplishment knowing that people are interested in visiting your website and seeing what you have to offer. Unfortunately, all it does is offer an ego boost because these people are not interested whatsoever in what you have to offer.

Let me say it again. Website traffic means NOTHING if it is not targeted to the right people. If your company website is receiving 1,000 visits per day and not benefitting from the traffic by the way of either leads, phone calls, purchases, advertisement clicks, etc.. then the traffic is utterly useless. Consider the following example.

We are a professional SEO company and who provides professional seo services to small and medium sized businesses. If we go ahead and create a job ad and paste it all over popular job websites, the only thing that we are going to accomplish is driving in 500 visitors who are looking for a job. That is not targeting people who are looking for professional seo services. You would be better off getting 2 visitors targeted to business owners rather than 500 people looking for a job. Then at least those 2 visitors could be potential prospects.

Have you ever seen those annoying banner ads offering to send 1,000 visitors to your website for just 10 bucks? How many of those visitors do you think are actually qualified for your website? How much of that traffic will be useless and how much of that will simply be some kind of automated technique to send thousands upon thousands of automated traffic to your website?

The moral of the story is this: no matter what type of online marketing campaign you are employing, whether it be search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, social media or otherwise, make sure that you are targeting your ads and website to the right people and qualifying your visitors. Otherwise you will be left with no money and a bruised ego after you find out that all of that traffic was useless.