What's so great about Social Media?

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Social Media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are no longer a tool just to keep in touch with friends, family and acquaintances. These and other social media tools are now crucial for online marketing; network marketing for the online world.

It used to be that we logged onto our social networks to check our friend's status, look at photos from a relative's holiday party or maybe we want to connect with some old friends. But this simply isn't the case anymore. Marketing through social medial is now vital for business and more and more companies are picking up on the trend.

So what is so great about for Social Media for business?

It allows you to directly communicate with your customers and potential customers

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter offer a direct link between companies and customers. Customers want to talk to the companies they are buying from; they want to get to know more about them and yet all companies seem to want to do is decrease customer communication (see: automated phone menus). It is amazing how much you can learn by actually communicating with your customers and listening to what they want and need. Isn't that what this game is all about anyway? Trying to figure out what customers want?

It is another way to build your company brand

If's a fact that the more you see an image (or name), the more recognizable that image (or name ) becomes. Social media networks like facebook and twitter automatically "tag" comments and messages between users with signatures, images and usernames, so that people can know "who" said what.

When you combine this element with a registered trademark or business name (that only YOU can use), the result is a very effective branding strategy that works across any social media platform. Celebrities, as well as ordinary people, currently use this strategy to improve their popularity and become famous.

Social Media is a great compliment to other forms of online marketing

Search Engine Marketing that combines social media with other elements like Search Engine Optimization and online advertising creates a POWERFUL online marketing campaign that creates tremendous trust and confidence in a company or online business.

Search Engine Optimization makes your website appear relevant to the market the user is searching in; online advertising shows your company is real, professional and willing to spend money (not just take money from customers); and Search Engine Marketing through social media shows that your business is willing to keep in touch.

It looks cool

Never underestimate the power of presentation and looking like you are up on the trends. A business that keeps up with the trends is a business that looks like they take pride in what they do, from top to bottom. Presentation is EVERYTHING. If you and your competitor are offering the same service at the same price, your presentation will make or break the deal. People recognize Facebook and Twitter logos, and how you look and present yourself will help you stand out from your competition.