Pay Per Click Management Case Study

PPC Campaigns increased the company's traffic and sales almost 1000%


About the Client

Lucky Star Amusements is a professional amusement rental company in New Jersey which provides bounces houses, water slides, games and fun food machines for children's birthdays and other events.

Launch Website

Services Provided

ppc management company servicesPPC Management Services

custom website designCustom Web Design

landing page designLanding Page Design

website hostingWebsite Hosting

What We Did

Lucky Star Amusements is an established company that has been providing amusement rentals for almost 20 years. They were being overtaken by their competitors who had been utilizing adwords pay per click campaigns to drive massive amounts of traffic. Lucky star had put together their own campaign in-house, but was not very effective.

We started off by redesigning their website to make it more effective and user friendly. We then did a complete overhaul of their google adwords ppc campaign and targeted the correct keywords. We developed more targeted and relevant landing pages which worked in harmony with the ads. Over time, we steadily decreased the costs per click and each top performing keyword was costing the client only an average of 60 to 70 cents per click. The client was amazed that we were able to decrease the cost per click so much and will be continuing to renew our pay per click management services.

The example below shows a one month sample of traffic. The website cleared almost 1,200 visitors in just 1 month.

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