Important Terms In the Pay Per Click Category



Adwords is Google's pay per click advertising tool. It is used by many businesses around the world (including us) and the system is predicated on its users only paying.. Read more about adwords

Broad Match

The broad match keyword option is given to users by Google Adwords and other pay per click programs to help match variations and singular/plural keyword versions.. Read more about broad matches

Cost Per Click

The cost per click is the exact cost you will pay for each click when your company uses a pay per click campaign. The goal is to minimize cost per click.. Read more about cost per click

Click Through Rate (CTR)

The click through rate (CTR) is the percentage of website users who clicked on your ad versus the percentage of users who viewed your ad. Click through rate is important to a pay per click campaign because it helps to determine user interest and relevancy.. Read more about click through rates

Display Network

The display network (opposite of the search network) is a tool used by Google adwords to allow advertisers to have their ad displayed on several different relevant websites.. Read more about the display network

Exact Match Keywords

Exact match keywords are used by Google Adwords to match a phrase exactly when it is typed into Google's search engine. For example if you type in the phrase "professional SEO company".. Read more about exact match keywords


Google is the premier search engine that the majority of people use to search anything and everything. When performing search engine optimization, Google is the search engine to concentrate the most on.. Read more about google

Google Keyword Tool

Google's keyword tool helps companies research and select keywords for their search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns by providing varations and competition for each keyword.. Read more about google's keyword tool

Landing Page

A landing page is the webpage that a user "lands" on after clicking a specific link. Landing pages are used in seo campaigns and pay per click campaigns as a way to guide your users.. Read more about landing pages

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are specified keywords for which you do not want your website to show for. Negative keywords are used in pay per click campaigns in order to stop your online ad from being triggered.. Read more about negative keywords

Paid Search Results

Paid search results are online ads which are paid per click (using google adwords or microsoft adcenter) or can also be paid per impression. These are separate listings which can also be called sponsored results..

Read more about paid search results

Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click management is the act of developing and maintaining a pay per click account and campaign. This can involve using one or more pay per click management tools, such as Google Adwords or Microsoft Adcenter..

Read more about pay per click management

Quality Score

Quality score is the main variable used by pay per click campaigns to determine ad relevancy and ad ranking, as well as cost per click..

Read more about quality score


In this instance, traffic is defined as anytime users log onto your website and browse around. The more traffic that your website receives, the more popular your website is perceived to be..

Read more about website traffic

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