Important Terms In the SEO Category


Alt Tag

The alt tag, which is also known as alt text, is used in HTML to give images on the web an alternate description.. Read more about alt tags

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text that is embedded within a link. It is another way to describe a link to the next page. The search engines regard anchor text as important because it is a helpful description for the user.. Read more about anchor text


A backlink is a link that is on an external website. For example, if your link was placed on a friend's website (in other words, your friend is linking back to you), that is called a backlink. Backlinks are important.. Read more about backlinks

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the rate of website visitors who are only browsing one page of your website and then leaving without clicking on any other pages. The user then "bounces" from the website.. Read more about bounce rates


Citations are mentions of your business name, address and phone number in a directory on the internet.. Read more about citations


Content is the text (along with images, video or audio) that make up pages on a website. The phrase "content is king" applies here as content is one of the most vital aspects of search engine optimization.. Read more about content


A conversion can be labeled as a website visitor that converts into a lead or a sale. If someone lands on your website.. Read more about conversions


In this instance, crawling is what the search engines do when they find your company website. The search engines have robots called "crawlers".. Read more about crawling

Description Tag

The description tag is a bit of text displayed by the search engines in order to help the user determine what is on the page.. Read more about the description tag

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are pages on a website designed specifically for search engines and not for human users. They are typically stuffed with keywords and are designed to attract search engines.. Read more about doorway pages

Exact Match Keywords

Exact match keywords are used by Google Adwords to match a phrase exactly when it is typed into Google's search engine. For example if you type in the phrase "professional SEO company".. Read more about exact match keywords


In this instance, a goal is defined by what you want your user to do on your website. They can be used in google analytics and a goal is met each time a user goes to your contact page or buys a product.. Read more about goals


Google is the premier search engine that the majority of people use to search anything and everything. When performing search engine optimization, Google is the search engine to concentrate the most on.. Read more about google


Googlebot is Google's famous robot which crawls and indexes all of the text and webpages on the internet and stores them in Google's massive internet database.. Read more about google

Google Disavow Tool

Google's disavow tool lets people clean up their unnatural link building strategies and resubmit their website for reconsideration.. Read more about google's disavow tool

Google Keyword Tool

Google's keyword tool helps companies research and select keywords for their search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns by providing varations and competition for each keyword.. Read more about google's keyword tool

Google Panda Update

Google's Panda update was an algorithm change by Google which was targeted at low quality websites.. Read more about google's panda update

Google Penguin Update

Google's Penguin update was an algorithm change which targeted websites who were engaging in unnatural link building techniques in order to manipulate their ranking.. Read more about google's penguin update

hCard Format

Hcard format is a format that helps search engines easily distinguish your name and address on your website.. Read more about hcard format

Junk Page

Junk pages (similar to doorway pages) are black hat seo technique which is comprised of creating useless pages on websites that are stuffed full of keywords in order to attract the attention of search engines. These pages are junk because they are of no relevance to real human users.. Read more about junk pages


Keywords are words or phrases that are used by people to query search engines in order to find relevant websites. Keywords are also the backbone of any SEO campaign.. Read more about keywords

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a process that is conducted before a search engine optimization campaign begins. Keyword research involves targeted the proper keywords for your website and what you want your users to find you for.. Read more about keyword research

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO technique which can also be considered spamming. It is done in order to attract search engines and gain rankings but is useless and can be downright annoying to human users.. Read more about keyword stuffing

Local Listings

In search engines, the local listings are when searches are queried by city or state and your website shows up under the local listings with addresses and phone numbers.. Read more about local listings

Landing Page

A landing page is the webpage that a user "lands" on after clicking a specific link. Landing pages are used in seo campaigns and pay per click campaigns as a way to guide your users.. Read more about landing pages

Meta Tags

Meta tags are a special type of HTML tags which give information to describe a specific web pages. Meta tags have no bearing on the style of a website, but will tell search engines what the page is about.. Read more about meta tags

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are specified keywords for which you do not want your website to show for. Negative keywords are used in pay per click campaigns in order to stop your online ad from being triggered.. Read more about negative keywords

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a technique used to harm websites by creating bad or unnatural links to the website you intend to harm.. Read more about negative SEO

Organic Search Results

Organic search results are the results displayed in search engines that are non-paid and are attained by the use of organic search engine optimization. These are the results that will show up in the middle of a search engine results page, as opposed to the side or the very top or bottom..

Read more about organic search results

Page Header Tag

Page header tags are treated like the title or headline of an article or blog post. Header tags are very crucial for search engine optimization because it helps the search engines categorize the content on your webpage..

Read more about page header tags

Page Views

Page views are the amount of times a page on a website has been visited/displayed to a user..

Read more about page views


A query is a keyword or phrase entered into a search engine by a human user in hopes of finding something relevant. After a query is made, the search engine then returns the most relevant search results back to the user..

Read more about queries

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of preparing and modifying a website to be ranked highly and relevantly in major search engines. As long as search engines exist, this will be a critical online marketing technique for businesses..

Read more about search engine optimization

Sitemap - SEO Term

A sitemap page is a webpage which lists some or all of the URLs that are within a website..

Read more about sitemaps

Squeeze Page

A squeeze page can be defined as a landing page that is specifically designed to acquire a user's email address and/or additional information for the use of telemarketing, email solication or other marketing. It is primarily meant for targeting prospective consumers..

Read more about squeeze pages

Unique Visitors

Many times a visitor will be a repeating visitor to your company website. A good way to measure your website's popularity and audience is to determine how many unique visitors your website receives..

Read more about unique visitors

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is considered ethical search engine optimization and these techniques are what is considered to be allowed and approved by search engines. Your website cannot be penalized for using white hat seo techniques..

Read more about white hat seo

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