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Burned by a Web Design or SEO Company? Where To Go From Here

scammed by seo company web design services

You can recover from a bad experience with a dishonest and unprofessional website design or SEO company. Let Potenture give you some tips on how to learn from your mistakes. Read the rest of this article »

Stop Cutting Corners - It Will Destroy Your Business!

cheap seo, web design labor

Cutting corners will eventually destroy your business. Stop contracting poor services just to save a buck. In the end, you'll lose way more than you think. Read the rest of this article »

What exactly is online marketing?

what is online marketing

This article discusses the most popular methods of online marketing that small businesses use today and have been using for the past several years. These methods include, SEO, PPC and social media marketing. Read the rest of this article »

Quotes That Hurt Your Customer Relationships

hurting customer relationships

Make sure to keep your customer relationships positive and avoid these quotes that can hurt them. Read the rest of this article »

Are you driving website traffic.. just for the sake of driving traffic?

driving website traffic

Are you driving untargeted website traffic through various sources? All of this traffic is useless. Find out why. Read the rest of this article »

Backup Your Company Data

data backup

What would happen if your company lost all of its data? Your company needs to have a data backup plan in place or risk losing everything in one fell swoop. Read the rest of this article »

What are some good reasons to start a company blog?

company blog for seo

The whole web 2.0 wave is here and blogs are right in the middle of it. Why should your company follow the same path? Read the rest of this article »

Ways to improve website conversions

improve website conversions

Your website needs to drive traffic, but that's not all. Once the traffic arrives, you need to direct it to where it belongs. Converting your traffic into prospects and sales is the final step. Read the rest of this article »

Are Visitors Really Spending 00:00:00 on Your Website?

zero time on site

Do visitors click on your site and click off your website in less than 1 second? The truth about Google Analytics reporting. Read the rest of this article »

Building Trust Through Your Website - Website Design Working For You

building website design trust

Your company website and its design is important. Your online marketing (SEO and PPC) campaigns are even more important. But what are some ways you can make your website work for you during rocky economic times? Read the rest of this article »

Is your ecommerce website's performance up to par?

ecommerce website performance

Online purchasing is increasing. Make sure to increase your ecommerce website's performance through seo, ppc, fast loading times and an effectively designed website. Read the rest of this article »

Are you properly tracking your website traffic?

seo ppc website traffic

Always make sure you are tracking your website traffic for any SEO or PPC campaign. This will help to determine its success as well as eliminate any bottlenecks. Read the rest of this article »

Online and Search Engine Marketing For Holidays

online marketing for holidays

What are some ways to promote your website and step up your marketing efforts during a busy holiday season? Read the rest of this article »

Surefire Ways to Alienate Your Clients

alienated customers

Here are some surefire ways to alienate and probably aggravate your customers. Avoid these and your customers will continue to stay with you. Read the rest of this article »

Creating Customer Connections for Successful Online Marketing

customer connections for seo

There is more to our professional SEO company than just "getting the job done". Potenture thrives on taking the extra step and creating close and long lasting connections and relationships with its customers. Read the rest of this article »

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