FAQs about Pay Per Click Marketing

What exactly is PPC and what does it stand for?

PPC, which stands for pay per click, is the sponsored ads that you see on Google, Bing and Yahoo. They are on the right hand side of the page and sometimes the top 3 results and they are called sponsored ads. Google Adwords, which you probably have heard of is a popular pay per click management program. Pay Per Click means that anytime somebody clicks on the link of your ad, you pay for that click.

Does PPC cost more money than SEO?

Overall, yes PPC will cost more money in the long run. Management fees plus pay per click account funding can be a somewhat large investment up front, but the return on your investment will be much quicker and potentially much greater. See the next FAQ for more details.

If PPC costs more money than SEO, why should we use it?

PPC campaigns will get your website found in the search engines much quicker than organic search engine optimization. By paying per click, your campaign is a sponsored ad, and your ad will show up on the search engines much quicker.

How much do clicks cost?

Cost per click is based on the competitiveness of the desired keyword. Some keywords may start as low as 10 cents per click and some may start as high as $50 per click. These are both extremes and are not guaranteed. The average cost per click we have seen for the clients that we have worked with has been anywhere from 80 cents to 5 dollars. We have been able to lower costs per click considerably.

Can you lower our cost per click for our ppc campaigns?

Absolutely. In fact, that is part of our job when we develop and manage ppc campaigns. One of our main goals is to lower the cost per click as much as possible and make the campaign as efficient as possible. This will help decrease your cost per lead and increase profit on each sale you make.

Can you guarantee us X amount of phone calls or leads per week/month before a PPC campaign starts?

NO. It is impossible to initially guage how much business a PPC campaign will receive.

Our process and work on a ppc campaign is continually adjusted based on how well the campaign is performing. We can, however, make reasonable assumptions and estimates based on the past history of a PPC campaign that we developed. But it is impossible to predict any results before a campaign starts.

Can I develop a PPC campaign myself?

Absolutely. Check out our professional PPC Campaign tips before starting a pay per click campaign.

Do you guys run your own PPC campaigns?

We sure do. We swear by pay per click campaigns. In fact, since developing our company's Pay Per Click campaigns, we have increased our business over 500%. Read this article on how our ppc campaigns increased our business over 500%.

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