Pay Per Click Marketing Articles

Choosing Between SEO and PPC

choosing between seo & ppc service

How do you know which search engine marketing technique to use? What are the differences? How does it affect your business? Read the rest of this article »

Adwords PPC Campaigns Increased Our Business 500%

pay per click increase

Our PPC campaigns increased our business by over 500%. With diligent campaign management and proper keywords, our business will continue to grow. Read the rest of this article »

Keyword Matching Options for SEO and PPC Campaigns

seo ppc keyword matching

There are different ways to match keywords for user searches. Determining which option to use will optimize your pay per click adwords campaign and generate more traffic. Read the rest of this article »

Are you confusing users with PPC Ads?

confused ppc users

Don't confuse your users with your PPC ads and landing pages. They need to be consistent and direct the user on how to proceed. Read the rest of this article »

How Google Adwords PPC Gives You An Advantage

pay per click management company advantage

Google Adwords pay per click campaigns can give your company a significant advantage over competitors. This article explains how these campaigns can make this happen. Read the rest of this article »

Geographical Targeting in Your Pay Per Click Campaigns

geographical targeting in ppc management

Are you properly targeting your pay per click campaigns? Is your campaign targeting the entire United States when you should only be targeting one state? Read the rest of this article »

Pay Per Click Marketing Tips

ppc marketing management company tips

What are some of the best ways to go about developing a pay per click marketing campaign? We examine some tips on optimizing your Google Adwords pay per click campaign. Read the rest of this article »

Landing pages for your Pay Per Click campaign? What is that?

landing pages for ppc

Landing pages are vital to your pay per click campaign. Getting a user to click on your ad is only half the battle. Your landing page sells them. Read the rest of this article »

Choosing a PPC Management Company

choosing ppc management company

If you are going to achieve a high ROI on your Pay per click campaign, you will need to choose a professional ppc management company. This article discusses that. Read the rest of this article »

Tracking Keyword Performance in Google Adwords Pay Per Click Campaigns

adwords ppc keyword performance

You must track your keyword performance within your adwords campaign. A business needs to know how keywords are performing and how to increase performance of the keywords. Read the rest of this article »

Are your competitors doing SEO and PPC?

competitors doing seo ppc

Your competitors are utilizing search engine optimization and pay per click marketing. Make sure your company does the same to stay ahead of your competition. Read the rest of this article »

Adwords Pay Per Click Marketing Mistakes

adwords ppc marketing mistakes

Many small businesses and companies make mistakes with their adwords pay per click campaign. Whether they are inexperienced or simply don't do their due diligence, the business is suffering because of it. Read the rest of this article »

Why is Pay Per Click Popular Among Businesses?

ppc management popular among businesses

Online purchasing is increasing. Make sure to increase your ecommerce website's performance through seo, ppc, fast loading times and an effectively designed website. Read the rest of this article »

Google Announces the Engage Program for PPC Agencies

google engage ppc

Potenture has been accepted into the Google Engage program because we have demonstrated profiency in their adwords campaigns. Their resources allow us to become even more useful to our clients. Read the rest of this article »