Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Five Steps To a Successful SEO Project

As a professional SEO company, Potenture has developed a proven SEO process that has worked to help us develop a successful track record with our clients.

Step 1 - Keyword Research and Selection

We will research qualified and targeted keywords for your business that will drive user traffic. This is the most important step and the foundation of our SEO campaign. The keywords will be selected and will meet your approval.

Step 2 - Competition Research

We will use the selected keywords and determine who your search engine competition is by doing searches for your keywords and see who appears on the first page. Our backlinking strategy where we develop relevant backlinks will also begin during this step and will continue throughout the entire process in order to grow your company website naturally.

Step 3 - Technical Optimization

After we know what your keywords are and who your competition is, we will start to optimize the pages on your website. Meta tags, content, code, etc.. will all be optimized and worked on to help our search engine rankings. Backlinking will continue during this step.

Step 4 - Uploading of Optimized Pages

We will submit all of the website changes to the search engines and wait for the search engines to index and update their own database so we see the most relevant search results for the website we are working on. Relevant external backlinking will also continue during this step.

Step 5 - Testing

After the website has updated and fully indexed on the search engine side, we test the results of our website optimization and all of our backlinking and we see where our rankings are. At this point, some keywords might be hitting the first page, other keywords might be straggling on the second, third, maybe the fourth page. Now we have a good idea of where we are at so we revisit other steps to see where we need to revise things and bump up your search engine ranking.