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Does your website need a content management system?

cms website design

Do you need to make updates to your website in-house? A content management system might be for you. Read the rest of this article »

Should you use a Facebook page instead of a website?

facebook page or website?

Some businesses have gone the route of forgoing a business website in favor of a facebook business page. There is certainly nothing wrong with this logic as you can generate traffic to your Facebook page through many different ways. Read the rest of this article »

Ways to Keep Your Website Design Fresh and Updated

fresh website design

This article discusses why you should keep your website design and information consistently fresh and updated. It also shows ways to do so. Read the rest of this article »

Enough with Flash Intros

skip flash intro web design

Most website users skip flash intros. The last thing you want to do is annoy your users as you only have 3 seconds to grab their attention. Stay away from flash intros. Read the rest of this article »

Elements of a Successful Web Design and Development Project

successful website design project

Building a website is not a one step process. It is a series of steps that is more than just spitting out pages. It requires careful planning, specification documents, goal creation and the know-how to architect a website that will drive results. Read the rest of this article »

The Importance of Logo Design

logo design is important

Your website logo sometimes dictates your level of professionalism on the web. The same goes for any type of online marketing or offline marketing. The goal is to create a comfort level with prospective clients or customers. A professionally designed logo is a great foundation for that. Read the rest of this article »

Importance of Cross Browser Compatibility in Website Design

cross browser compatibility website design

Outlining the importance of testing and implementing cross browser compatibility for website design. This can have a significant impact on your SEO and PPC campaigns. No matter how effective your online marketing is, if your website is not cross-browser compatible, users will not continue to log on. Read the rest of this article »

Web Presence - The First Step Toward Effective Online Marketing, SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing

web design presence

Getting your website online is the first step. Start with a web presence in which your budget allows. Then expand into SEO and online marketing. Read the rest of this article »