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How long will it take to get my website designed?

We strive to get client websites designed as soon as possible. Website design projects can vary from 1 week to several months depending on how complex the requirements are and how much client interaction we receive. As a matter of fact, the most common delay we encounter is lack of participation from the client. If you really want to speed up the process of your website design, we encourage you to stay active in the process and respond to all of our requests.

Do you charge for website updates?

Yes. You will be hard-pressed to find any professional website design company who doesn't, and if you do happen to encounter a company who doesn't charge for updates, don't expect your work to be done in a timely manner.

We charge our standard hourly rate or you can purchase monthly blocks of time or yearly blocks of time or retainers for website updates. Blocks of time also come with our hosting packages. Depending on the size and complexity of the update, we are able to handle most updates within 24-48 hours. Our delivery and turnaround time is very quick and our service is impeccable.

Some other companies don't charge for website updates. Why should we pay you for website updates?

Because if another company/freelancer is not charging for updates, then chances are your updates will not be done in a timely manner, if at all. Since businesses do not work for free, your free website updates are going to the absolute back of the line.

If your budget will not allow to pay for future website updates, the best solution for you would be to have us design a wordpress website for you. Wordpress will allow you to make most simple updates yourself in-house. See more about our wordpress website design services here.

How should we submit our content to you? Do you help write content for us?

If you have content you would like us to use for the site, submit it to us either through email or in a microsoft word document or PDF document. We will scan the content for errors and small adjustments. Ultimately any content that you send to us is your responsibility.

We can certainly provide professional content writing and development services for your website as a website enhancement if you want to leave that up to us. Content development and writing is considered one of our website enhancement services. Click here to see our content writing services.

How many pages can I have on my website?

As many as you want. Extra added pages are considered website updates and will be charged our standard hourly rate for large amounts of pages or charged per page for smaller amounts of pages, depending on the amount of pages required. As you build more and more pages for your site, the cost per page will decrease.

Do you do logo design, flash design, ecommerce websites, databases, etc?

Absolutely. And we do these very well. These are considered website enhancements and are charged for separately. We provide the following website enhancements (bear in mind this is not the complete list of website enhancements we provide).

  • Logo Design
  • Flash Banners and other flash presentations
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Database integration
  • Professional content writing/development and article creation
  • Custom Drop Down Menus
  • Custom Photo Galleries

I want to be able to do updates myself in-house. Can you set us up with something that does this? Do you offer training/consultation for it?

Yes. We will set you up with something called a Content Management System. We will almost always build these sites using Wordpress because it is has the easiest and most user-friendly system for our clients. Wordpress will allow you to update your content, update most images and publish blog posts and articles, as well as create new pages for your website.

And yes, we do offer a training/consultation period after your site goes live for wordpress or whatever content management system that has been chosen. This training period is built into the cost. Usually no more than an hour or two is necessary for learning the system. We are available for follow-up questions as well.

Are there any "hidden web design costs" that will surprise me?

Absolutely not. You will know exactly the amount you are paying and exactly what you are paying for. Each service that you require will be itemized for you. The only time that prices will change during a project is if the requirements go outside the scope of the original quote. If this happens, you will always be made aware.

In the case of website updates, we will always quote you before an update project begins. We will never do work and then send you an invoice after work has been done. If you have purchased a monthly or yearly retainer for updates, you will know which updates fall within your package.

Are your website designs "SEO friendly"? Will I be found in search engines?

Our website designs are designed and developed with the most modern techniques. Our website designs are built with SEO in mind regardless because that is the structure that we abide by.

SEO is a separate project and service. You will not be found in search engines for any relevant keywords unless proper SEO is applied to your website. You will not be found in search engines simply by building an "SEO friendly" website. There's a good chance you will be found for your company name, but that's it. If you would like to be found in search engines, see more about our professional seo services here.

Can you host my website as well?

Absolutely. We can handle all of your website hosting, email hosting, and technical support. Click here to see more information about our web hosting services.

Are we required to host our website with you?

Absolutely not. You are not required to use one of our hosting packages if we design/redesign your website or if you use one of our online marketing services. You are free to use any hosting provider you wish to use.

However, hosting with us will give you a very big advantage as you will have everything in one place and you will have access to our support. It will make it very convenient for you. Not only that, each one of our hosting packages has a certain number of hours of free updates available.

Who owns the website that you build for us?

We own everything that we do for you until all payments and outstanding balances have been made. After all payments and outstanding balances have been settled, you (as the client) own the website and all enhancements we have made to the website. As long as all payments have been made, the client is free to do what they wish with their website.

For more information on website ownership and transfer of ownership, please refer to our terms of service agreement and refer to the "Domain Names and Website Ownership" portion of the agreement.