Our Website Design Process

Five Simple Steps To a Professional Website Design

Potenture has developed a proven process that has worked to help us to speed up your website design and make it easy on you simultaneously.

Step 1 - Package Selection and Purchase

We will help you to find the best package setup for your website needs. Once a package is decided on and purchased, the project will commence and you will get all the information from us that you need in order to proceed.

Step 2 - Gather text, images and other materials

Once the project begins, we will gather all of your text content, images, reference websites and other specifications for the project. If you have selected us to write your content for you, then we will submit content to you during this step or during the design step, depending on the project.

Step 3 - Website Design and Development

After gathering all of your information needed for the website project, we will design and develop your website. Most websites take 1-2 weeks from this point on. Some can take longer depending on the size of the website and any enhancements we are doing.

Step 4 - Revisions and changes

We will present the website to you for your approval. We will make up to 2 rounds of revisions for you if necessary.

Step 5 - Publish live

This is the final step where any outstanding invoices will be paid and your website will go live on the internet!

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